About Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show

About Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show
Outdoor Show Tickets Terms and Conditions

Outdoor Show Tickets Terms and Conditions

  • Filming by promoters - may take place at the concert and buying a ticket gives consent to use footage as promoter wishes.
  • Right of admission - is reserved and promoters may not allow admission to anyone considered unsuitable or under the influences of substances likely to affect their behaviour.
  • Promoters staff directives - must be adhered to by anyone on the venue premises or face eviction.
  • Search operation - may be in effect for all entrants to the venue.
  • Hazardous materials - are not allowed into the venue including fireworks, barbecues and naked flames.
  • Smoking - is not permitted on the grounds of this venue.
  • Prohibited equipment - include tents, gazebos, parasols, banners, poles, flags, large umbrellas, footballs, very large tables and anything else considered dangerous or likely to cause an obstruction.
  • Pets - are not allowed with the exception of registered guide dogs.
  • Filming photography and audio recording - is not allowed by customers and may face confiscation of equipment or equipment not being allowed in to the venue.
  • Refunds - will be made only if the concert is cancelled and this does not include booking fees which are a separate service charge made by the provider.
  • Paying admission on the gate - is cash only as we are unable to process credit and debit cards.
  • Admission price on the day on the gate - is more expensive than in advance.
  • No physical games allowed - sports like football etc are not allowed.
  • Retail - of any description is only allowed by accredited vendors.
  • Parking - is complimentary, please follow stewards instructions.
  • Identification - is essential for any matters like collection of tickets or proof of age.
  • Retain your ticket in a safe place and also the wrist band or stamp or whatever secondary form of identification is given to you on the day.

Outdoor Show Tickets Terms and Conditions
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About Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show

Rat Pack Outdoor Show Tickets
About Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show

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