Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Hipsville would like to introduce you to the Rat Pack stars from the past ....
Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Dean Martin ....

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Just about everything has already been said about the one and only Frank Sinatra. You can check out all the statistics on our Frank Sinatra biography page.

If anything you are looking for is not there then go to our links page and take a look at our recommended sites where you are almost sure to find it.

Singers come and go but perhaps only Elvis can claim to be a musical icon of such similar immeasurable stature. Someone whose influence and immense popularity spanned decades, changed peoples lives and will continue to do so indefinitely.

"We're not setting out to make Hamlet or Gone with the Wind. The idea is to hang out together, find fun with the broads, and have a great time."

"We gotta make pictures that people enjoy. Entertainment, period."
Frank Sinatra

"It's Frank's world ... we just live in it"

Old Blue Eyes - The Chairman Of The Board - The Entertainer Of The Century could sing, dance, act and tell jokes. Speaking of which, one of my favourite stories goes ...

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Every FRANK SINATRA TRIBUTE needs a funny story ...

Frank is in the parking lot of a top Las Vegas hotel and he says to the admiring attendant ......

"hey kid what is the biggest tip you've ever been given ?".

The kid replies "$100 Mr Sinatra"

Frank replies "wow - well here's $200 and when people ask next time you tell em Frank Sinatra gave it to you"

Curiously Frank then asks the kid - by the way who gave that big tip ?

The kid smiles and replies - "you did" !


Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra Tribute
Rat Pack Archive

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