Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Hipsville would like to introduce you to the Rat Pack stars from the past ....
Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Dean Martin ....

Dean Martin Tribute

Dean Martin Tribute

Whilst Dean Martin will probably always be remembered foremost for his outstanding looks and laid back cool - as a vocal scholar I beg to differ.

No one in popular music can hit the bottom notes like Dean Martin - yes no one not even Frank or anyone else for that matter can make those bottom notes ring the way his deep baritone voice does with such ease.

This important fact seems to have been given little credit in many of the articles available paying tribute to the great man.

Dino was everybody's favourite drunk - but in reality of course it was all show and none of The Rat Pack drank alcohol onstage.

It has been well documented that Dino was a firm family man and not so much a party animal as other members of the pack.

Dean Martin Tribute

Every DEAN MARTIN TRIBUTE needs a great story .....

Dean returned to his hotel room after a show only to find a
beautiful blonde in his bed .......

"What are you doing here" enquired Dino ?
"Mr Sinatra gave me a $1000 and arranged it"
"Well honey I don't know what you've got in mind but I'm having a coffee and watching The Late Show on TV and you're welcome to join me"

The young lady gets dressed and does exactly that.
After the TV show finishes and she is about to leave - Dean amazingly gives her $2000.

"What on earth is this for" asked the bemused young lady.

Dean smiles and says "you go and tell Frank what a great lover I was" !!!


Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Dean Martin Tribute
Rat Pack Archive

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